Thursday, December 13, 2007

Online ESL lessons and activities

Great, you are learning English and are wanting to improve your skills by studying at home. There is no better tool than the internet to help you with this, but what a choice! It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of materials available...where to start!!

OK , onto the nitty gritty. Here are some of my favorite websites for assisting learners of English with self-study. These are all sites that I have used in my own ESL lessons and activities.

All round good sites: is a really handy resource for finding explanations and exercises in all areas of ESL. I like this resource as it covers beginner levels to advanced, as well as including required content for major ESL exams.
Many exercises for all levels of English learners. This site covers listening, grammar, vocabulary and much more!

Vocabulary :

Grammar Check :
This is a very helpful website, which gives tutorials and plenty of exercises to test you. The explanations are clear and I especially like their thorough section for the tenses.

Known as Randall's listening lab, another excellent resource that covers beginner through advance , as well as exam practice. What I like about this site, is that a lot of help is given with vocabulary. There is a transcript of each listening article so you can read along with it, as well as extra work for key vocabulary that you can do.

An original and innovative site that uses authentic and natural ESL videos of people speaking English. Here you will hear many different accents from around the globe to help you practise your listening skills.

You can also check out NPR, BBC , CNN etc and listen to some of their podcasts if you like to listen to topical news.

This list should get you started, and keep you busy. I will add more sites as I get time, as there is plenty of free , quality material just waiting to be explored.

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