Friday, January 4, 2008

Online ESL Tutor

The thought of learning ESL online can seem a little daunting for a prospective student , especially if they consider themselves not very computer savvy. They wonder how they will learn pronunciation, how will their efforts be corrected, will they need to be a whiz with the mouse and an adept with using various software.... This can deter the student from ever taking virtual English classes and this I think is a pity. I am going to outline some of the reasons why many people prefer online tutoring over meeting face-to-face
  1. Flexible hours : Generally you will find the hours very flexible. It is absolutely possible to hold down a job, care for a family and still have personal tuition at hours that are convenient for you.
  2. Easy : You do not need to be an Einstein with your computer skills. If you can move a mouse and plug a headset into your PC then you can learn online! It's a simple as that...almost..
  3. Convenient : No more having to venture out into whatever weather is happening to attend your class. You can remain warm and snug at home, wear your pajamas if you will know!
  4. Less effort : You will probably find that you learn more this way as you won't be canceling so many classes. The effort to attend on your part is minimal , compared to going out of the house to the nearest ESL class.
  5. Effective learning : As you are receiving one-on-one tuition you may find that you need less lessons. You will be receiving all the attention versus competing with your classmates for attention.
  6. Economical : You may end up saving money in the long run. Less lessons, no travel costs, possibly lower class costs.
  7. Less stress : My students all feel less pressure learning in this way. We can take our time and cover the areas that really bother them. If they need an entire lesson to master a certain point then that's fine .
The main thing to be aware of is that online learning is becoming the fastest growing area in education. It is in no way a lesser method, think of it as a virtual classroom. With today's technology it is very simple to talk over the PC with other PC users , just like over the telephone. All the work that you traditionally would do in a classroom , can be done online with the teacher right there helping you.
Of course if you are taking ESL to meet people , then online might not be the best venue for that!

I am an ESL tutor, please contact me if you would like to find out more about learning English online.