Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Lesson plan for weather

This is a lesson that I covered recently in light of the severe weather the mid-west and the east coast were getting. The great thing about the Internet is that a lot of the material you need for a successful lesson can be found online .
I used this lesson plan for upper intermediate level students, but you could easily adapt to suit the level of your students.
As a warmer and to get the ball rolling I asked the students what kind of weather they were having in their home countries. This opening exercise elicited a lot of the weather vocabulary they already knew. Next I asked them how the weather was right now. We then looked at a worksheet I had prepared with some important vocabulary for weather. This included:

breeze, breezy, bright, cloud, cloudy, damp, dull, fog, foggy, hailstone ,lightning, rain, raindrop rainfall, rainy, snow, snowfall, snowflake, snowy, storm, stormy, thunder, wet ,wild winds, windy, severe winter weather, chilly, cold, freezing, bone numbing cold, freeze, deep freeze, frigid temperatures, black ice , hail, pour with rain, snow drift

A lot of this vocabulary was new to the students and they had fun practicing the more colorful descriptive phrases.
Next I played them a short video that I found on Yahoo news about the severe arctic weather in the mid west . The link is http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090115/ap_on_re_us/winter_weather . You can also find many short videos on you tube for this purpose.
Finally , for homework I gave them the newspaper article to read that accompanied the video.
As you can see in this lesson I used real life material and we covered reading, listening, conversation and new vocabulary. One of my students commented , "very interesting!" This made me happy as that is what I aim to do in each lesson, to provide an interesting topic that practices real life skills .

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