Monday, July 21, 2008

Listening resources for ESL learners

Welcome to my resource page for learners of English wishing to practice their listening skills. There are a number of good sites that you can visit for free . Often there will be transcripts so that you can read along and keep a record of new vocabulary and phrases. Many of the sites utilize video too. Practice makes perfect and listening to different materials will also help you with developing good intonation and being aware of the "music" of spoken English. English is a stress timed language and the more you hear it spoken, the more you will be able to reproduce it in your own speech.

1. Heads Up English : I like this site as it covers levels lower intermediate to advanced. The articles are topical and interesting for students. You can also download a pdf of each lesson which is quite extensive and covers a good amount of vocabulary work.

2. English Listening Lounge : You get to choose your level of English as well as choosing from different accents. I think it is useful to hear English spoken with a variety of accents as it mirrors real life. Transcripts of each topic can be downloaded as well as questions and answers. The length of the exercises vary from 2 minutes up to 6 minutes.

3. Randall's Listening Lab : You can pick your level and choose from a variety of topics. Included are comprehension questions as well as vocabulary work. A good resource!

4. Real English : A great site that features English spoken in different accents by real people. The website uses authentic ESL videos of people being interviewed in the streets from all over the globe. A fun and helpful site!

5. BBC Learning English : A good number of exercises available on topical issues . Also included are transcripts and key vocabulary.

6. : I just came across this site. You will find it useful as it has a transcript and a quiz related to the listening text. Good practice material!

7. : Good site, has transcript and questions to test your comprehension skills. Uses stories that have recently been in the news so will help you keep abreast of current happenings.

I will add to this list often so feel free to keep checking ! If you need professional help with your English study needs , please contact me. I am an ESL Tutor and offer private ESL lessons.