Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New English words for ESL students.

An interesting aspect about a language, which I like to cover in my ESL lessons, is the manner in which new words are continually coming into play. Take the English language for example, it is always in a state of growing and evolving with new words and expressions being coined by people and then, overtime, added to the dictionary.
For your entertainment and I hope learning, this post is all about new words.

A new word I came across today is "discomgoogolation" According to London reuters, it is the stressed and anxious feeling at an inability to access the Internet.
Another word that I commonly hear is "chillax" , a merging of the words chill and relax.
Chill (verb) - meaning to relax, take it easy. For example: "This weekend I am doing nothing. I am just going to chill (out). Note that the use of the word out is optional. Chill out is a phrasal verb.
Popemobile - (noun) - the bulletproof car that is used by the Pope during public appearances.
Kumbaya - (adjective) - an ignorant or naive attitude that is held in the hope for peace or happiness. Derived from the hymn Kumbaya, which has become synonymous with sugary sentiment.
Plank (noun) British English meaning a stupid person. For example, "Frank is a real plank!"
Hoodie (noun) a person (often a youth) wearing a hooded top.
Colbert bump (noun) - A popularity boost in the polls that is experienced by a politician after appearing on the Colbert Report. The Colbert Report is an American TV show , which is very funny and satirical especially in political matters.
Andropause (noun) The end of virility. A merging of the words virility and menopause.
Pooper-Scooper (noun) . A scooping device for the collection of animal waste. For example when cleaning out the cat or dog's litter box, you would be well -advised to use a pooper- scooper. Sometimes it is referred to as a poop- scoop.
Fantabbulous (adj) - Meaning excellent, more than fabulous. It is a merging of fantastic and fabulous. For example " Joan and I had a fantabulous time."

This is just a small sampling of the many new words that crop up. As you can see many of them are slang and are a popular part of everyday language. I think this brings so much color and vitality into a language , although I understand it is more words for an ESL student to learn!

On the other hand there is a banished words list going around that calls for the banishment of certain words that have sprung up in our vernacular. Check out the list and see what you think. For example tweet has been picked out as a word that has been so over used it has lost its meaning. It's an interesting concept but maybe it is a bit early in the game to ban words that are being used!

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If you have come across any new words or phrases , please feel free to let me know!
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