Sunday, February 27, 2011

IELTS - Speaking Module Recent Exam Questions

A student I have been tutoring for the IELTS exam had her test a few days ago and was kind enough to give information about the different questions she encountered. I hope that this helps with your IELTS preparation and a big thank you to my IELTS student for giving such great feedback. Parts of her email have been included with permission.
Part 1 Speaking
I had to answer some questions about my home town, like what is it famous for and if children learn about the history of the town in school and why this is important. Then I had to talk about what kinds of holiday apartments there are and if their standard could be improved. Another question was about letters/emails (why I write emails etc.) and about dancing classes (why people like to dance, why I do not like to dance etc.)

Part 2 Individual Turn
The question card directed her to speak about a hotel she knew.

Part 3 Discussion with Examiner

The questions were about hotels (what abilities should the staff have, what facilities should a hotel offer, how important is a hotel for the town etc.)

I am sure you will find this information very helpful. If you need private IELTS classes please contact us for more information.