Sunday, March 6, 2011

IELTS - Recent Exam Questions

An IELTS student recently sat the IELTS Academic exam and kindly gave feedback about the exam. Parts of her email are reproduced with permission.

The listening had a section which was challenging as it had not appeared before in the mock papers. The section was about the experiences a teenager had during his free time in a business. She had to choose between four option (frustrating, challenging, enjoyable, easy) and relate them to statements, i.e. his duties, such as booking apartments, arranging airport transfer etc.

The reading section was pretty long. The texts were about ancient cultures and why they disappeared as well as wind power and different kinds of fruits that were imported to Europe.

Part 1 Writing was a graph and a table containing information about working hours and paid days of holidays in the years 1998-2004.

Part 2 Writing  : The topic of the essay was : The quality of life in cities is becoming worse. What are the causes? What might be possible solutions?

The details of the IELTS spoken exam can be found by clicking here.

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