Tuesday, February 21, 2012

IELTS Academic Reading Exam

The reading test for both the academic and general exam is an hour long. There are 40 questions and three reading passages. Most students find that time flies by, so regardless of which test you are taking practice time management. Try not to spend too long on any one question, and definitely attempt a few practice tests before the real event.

A selection of different question types are used including the ability to summarize  information, completing notes and sentences, matching correct headlines to the relevant paragraph, multiple choice, completing diagram labels, completing information in a table or flow chart.

The material used is taken from sources such as books, newspaper and magazine articles as well as other publications. One does not need to be an expert or have prior knowledge of the subject matter as each article is written to be of general interest. If technical or specialist terms are used in the articles then definitions of the vocabulary will be given.

It is important to be aware that texts can include diagrams, graphs or illustrations. A variety of writing styles may be employed. Often times the articles might be written in a narrative manner, argumentative style, be descriptive or presented as a discussion.

Remember that you will need to record your answers onto the answer sheet within the allotted hour. Your handwriting needs to be legible so make sure you have enough time to write clearly. Grammar and spelling are also important. Please click here for more IELTS tips.

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