Sunday, February 12, 2012

IELTS exam preparation review.

It's that time of year again when students start booking their IELTS exam. Recently we have had a number of people start preparing for their upcoming exam. Some people are in the process of applying to university and need a solid IELTS score in order to be accepted. Others are seeking a good IELTS score for their careers and others are needing top IELTS marks for immigration purposes.

Whatever your reasons are for taking the ILETS exam, remember that adequate exam preparation is key to your success. Ensure you get plenty of practice with essay writing and that you can write a four or five paragraph essay of at least 250 words in under 40 minutes.  Review sentence structure, linking devices and topic sentences. Make sure you offer reasons and examples for your point of view. If possible have a teacher review your essays with you so that they can point out where you can improve. Be aware of spelling problems and keep your handwriting neat and legible. Click here for more IELTS writing tips.

Speak English everyday! Practice as much as possible. It is a good idea to record yourself speaking , especially for part 2 of the spoken exam. Time yourself so that you get a good sense of what one to two minutes of solo speaking feels like. Pay attention to whether you pause a lot. Do you say um a lot? Are there particular sounds that are difficult for you? Does your intonation sound correct? If possible have a native speaker review your recordings so that they can give you some feedback as to the quality of your voice and material. Click here for more IELTS speaking tips.

Read English everyday. You can read a newspaper, magazine, book, scour the Internet for interesting articles. Practice reading quickly. This activity will also have the added advantage of giving you ideas and information that you might be able to use in the writing and speaking sections. Pay attention to the grammar, punctuation and the way in which the writer puts their ideas across. Do you follow the gist of the reading? Can you summarize the main points of the article? These are some of the skills that are tested in the reading section of the IELTS.

Listen to English everyday. You can watch T.V., movies, listen to podcasts, news reports, even songs. Listening to a lot of English will help you with your vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation as well as give you ideas that might come in handy for the writing and spoken sections. The more English you read, listen to, speak and write the more confident you will be when it comes to the exam. Click here for more IELTS listening tips.

Set some time aside every day to review the exam and become familiar with the format. Try not to leave it until the last minute before seeking help, the IELTS exam is not an exam to rush. Give yourself enough time to absorb the learning material and to practice. In the long run this usually proves to be cheaper and is more likely to get you the score you need.

Good luck with your IELTS preparation and do let us know if we can be of help! Click here for contact information.

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