Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ESL Tutor and Teacher Training

 When looking for a suitable ESL tutor there can be many points to consider before making a final choice. 
Some questions you might like to ask yourself are:
  • Do I feel comfortable with the ESL tutor? Do I want to learn from this particular person?
  • Is the tutor qualified to teach me? Remember just because someone speaks the language it does not necessarily mean they can teach it to another person. One qualification that testifies to the skills and competency of an ESL tutor is having a CELTA qualification.
  • Does the teacher offer some kind of trial lesson so you can see if you like their style of teaching?
With this in mind I have a guest post today written by a recent CELTA graduate of International House. I am a graduate of International House of some 20 years ago and it is nice to see that the standards of ESL tutor training remain high. 

Here is teacher Sunny's experience:

English as a language is very important in today's world. It is the primary language of business. I knew if I was able to teach it to people I'd be able to live wherever I wanted , even on a paradisaical beach or any forgotten gem of the world I could dream up.

 I set off in the Spring of 2012 from London to Seville, Spain to do a 1 month intensive class at an International House associated school. I knew I had a lot to learn in a short amount of time so I tried my best to prepare my mind to soak up as much information as I could. 

The first day of school we were briefed on what to expect from the course and we were introduced to the two ESL classes that we would be teaching over the course of the next month. One class was beginner and one was intermediate. There were three teachers in my group and we each taught a lesson during the day. After the class was taught we would reconvene with our two tutors who would let us know points we missed or better ways to address points to the students.

 I learnt so much about how we learn and how best to teach someone a language. We learned lots of techniques to elicit information from the student and to see if they're actually picking up on what you're saying and if they're actually learning something. The classes went smoothly for the most part and although the course was certainly challenging and demanded a lot of perseverance with lesson preparation I came through in the end knowing that I had made someone's English a little bit better and was equipped with the skills to take me to whatever part of the world I wanted. 

I would wholeheartedly recommend taking a CELTA course to anyone wanting to teach English as a second language. Safe travels!