Tuesday, April 2, 2013

IELTS Speaking Test Made Easy!

IELTS Speaking Test Made Easy

Everything You Need to Know to Ace the IELTS Speaking Exam

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The IELTS is one of the most internationally recognized exams and a crucial part of immigration and university admission. But the speaking portion may be the most intimidating for test takers. Very few classes and resources properly address how to pass this exam while overcoming the natural pressure that comes with public speaking. Fortunately one book solves both problems.

IELTS Speaking Test Made Easy is a handy all-inclusive guide to the speaking portion of the IELTS exam. We left no aspect of the speech test behind and cover everything from conversational skills to improvisation to some of the most commonly asked questions. And IELTS Speaking Test Made Easy covers both versions of the IELTS exam:

Academic Version
For university enrollment candidates and aspiring professionals such as doctors, nurses, pilots, and engineers. Prepare for more advanced English-speaking evaluations and start gaining the skills and experience needed to compete in the academic and professional worlds.

General Training Version
For future immigrants, those seeing general advancement in their place of work, and those simply looking to improve their English-speaking abilities. Gain a generalized understanding of conversational English that will suit you well not just in this test but also in everyday life.

Guidance for All Three Parts
As one of the most comprehensive IELTS preparation guides on that market, IELTS Speaking Test Made Easy includes advice, strategies, and examples for all three sections of the speaking exam:

  1. Prepare to speak about yourself in part one. Learn what test givers commonly ask interviewees and mentally prepare yourself to speak fluently on topics already familiar with you.
  2. Review specific unfamiliar topics examiners typically give in part two. Develop the pacing and concentration required to speak for up to two minutes. Many test takers find this part the most intimidating, so get ahead of the learning curve and prepare for whatever your examiner has in store.
  3. Formulate better answers for the general discussion portion of part three. Review general conversation skills and learn how to make abstract concepts easier to understand.

Handy step-by-step guides and sample questions are also included, making IELTS Speaking Test Made Easy the closest thing to the actual exam experience as possible.

The preparation tips in IELTS Speaking Test Made Easy will prove invaluable for any test taker. But this book doesn’t just contain information about the exam. [Author] covers mental strategies that many test takers find to be the difference between success and needing to try again.

  • Gain confidence and go into test day with a clear mind.
  • Learn aspects of speaking English you might have missed in other prep courses.
  • Review practice topics and learn exactly what is in store for you.
  • Start the process of integrating into a new and exciting environment before the test begins.

Nobody likes taking exams: the pressure, the rules, the tension. And when the test involves university admission or immigration, the pressure gets even more intense. The best way to make the IELTS Speaking Test easier for you is by purchasing IELTS Speaking Test Made Easy.

Take a look around to learn more about IELTS Speaking Test Made Easy. Order your copy today right on this website. Good luck with your exam!

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