Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Idioms - color

English is a very colorful, idiomatic language and it's important to learn some of the more common expressions if you want to perfect your speaking skills. Here is a handy list of idioms that use color in their construction.

Blue- I was feeling so blue after my father passed away. (Meaning sad, melancholy)

To see red- After my wife stole everything from me I just saw red and destroyed her car. (Uncontrollably angry, not being able to stop oneself from acting on anger)

Green- The newbies are a bit green with organizing files the right way. (Inexperienced, naïve)

Yellow bellied- Quit being such a yellow belly and go sky diving! 
 (Cowardly, scared)

White lie- It was just a white lie so he wouldn't get hurt. (A lie about something not important/consequential enough to matter)

Black and blue- The poor boy came home black and blue after an unfortunate rugby accident. (bruised and beaten)

Black and white- It was black and white who was to blame in the murder. (Straightforward and clear, unambiguous)

Red handed- I caught you red handed stealing my books! (To catch someone in the act)

Born with a silver spoon- The princess was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, never having to struggle for anything. (To be born fortunate/wealthy and not having to struggle)

Grey/gray- Internet piracy falls under a grey area of morality. (Unclear, ambiguous)

Red eye- I had to catch a red eye to Dallas. (A flight that leaves very early in the morning)

Black sheep- My father is the black sheep of the family and no one has spoken to him in many years. (Someone ostracized/ left alone, disliked)

Green thumb- Maggie has a real green thumb in the garden. (Good with plants and growing things)

Rose colored glasses- I didn't see him for who he was, I guess I was looking through rose colored glasses. (Looking at the past in a way that makes it seem better than it actual was)

Out of the blue- That ball came right out of the blue and hit me in the face! (To come from out of nowhere, unexpectedly)

Once in a blue moon- Once in a blue moon I'll take Sally out to the movies. (Happening not very frequently)

Golden goose- Oil is the golden goose of the United States. (Most profitable source) 

Golden opportunity- I had to take the golden opportunity to live in New York! (A promising opportunity)

Red tape- There is too much red tape involved with immigration. (Bureaucratic obstacles, official things that get in the way)

Tickled pink- The bear was tickled pink when it found a bush full of berries. (Very happy and appreciative)

True colors- He showed his true colors when he said those hurtful remarks. (To show one's true self)

Flying colors- She passed the quiz with flying colors! (To exceed)