Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New words in the English language

English is constantly changing, whether it is evolving or degenerating is up for debate. Here are some new words that have come about by grace of the internet and the modern age as well as fusing with other languages. Maybe you have come across some of these words yourself in every day English. Remember the following vocabulary is used in casual spoken English mainly.

Noob (n)- Slang for newbie: someone who is inexperienced and new to doing something; ex: Quit being such a noob.

Hang out (v) or (n)- 1)To get together with a group to socialize usually in a carefree way. 2) A place in which to spend free time i.e. a cafĂ© or bar. ex:1 Do you and Billy want to hang out later? ex: 2 The Hive is a pretty cool hang out.

Do-over (n) 1) A chance to try doing something again having failed the first time: I think is apple pie could use a do-over.

Rendezvous (n) (v) 1) To escape from somewhere. 2) To meet somewhere (Original French meaning) ex: I can't stand this movie, let's make a rendezvous.

Selfie (n) 1) A self taken picture of oneself.

La-la land (n) 1) Fanciful or unrealistic dreamland. ex: He's always in la-la land so he never listens to what the teacher is saying in class.

Popo (n) 1) Humorous slang for the police.

Bling (n) 1) Accessories such as rings or chains that are usually gaudy or shiny. Also any jewelry.

'Sup (slang phrase) 1) Shortening of "what's up" (how are you or what's going on?)

DIY (abbreviation) 1) Abbreviation of do-it-yourself. Pronounce the letters individually.

Ginormous (US adjective) 1) A combination of gigantic and enormous; meaning very large.

Dive (n) 1) A rundown diner or restaurant especially on the road.

Downer (n) 1) A situation or a person that is ruining the mood.

Uber (adj) 1) Truly amazing or super

Loudmouth (n) 1) Someone who talks an excessive amount.

Old school (adj) 1) Something regarded as classic or definitive.

Bestie (n) 1) Best friend

Jazzy (adj) 1) Interesting and unusual.

Frenemy (n) 1) A person with whom you share a mutual animosity but pretend to like each other.

Digs (n) 1) The place where you live

Wannabe (n) 1) Some that claims and tries to be something that they are not.

Bromance (n) 1) A platonic, very close and amiable relationship between two male friends.

Bucket list (n) 1) A list of things you want to accomplish or experience before you die.

Hipster (n) (adj) 1) A subculture of modern society who appreciate obscure and unusual things often for superficial reasons.

Broke (adj) 1) Being out of money.