Thursday, July 28, 2016

Idioms to do with the Arts

Here's another entry in our series on idioms. This time we're looking at idioms to do with the arts. What better way to colour your sentences and show your abilities with the English language than by peppering your speech with these tasteful gems? These can really work wonders on people and might just make the difference between making a lasting impression as someone who can express themselves wonderfully well.

Artsy-fartsy: pretentiously or affectedly artistic
Our younger brother isn’t really into ballet; he thinks it’s a bit artsy-fartsy.

No oil painting: not physically attractive
She has a wonderful mind, but she’s no oil painting.

A blank canvas: something or someone that can be filled with new things
I want to get away from here and find a blank canvas.

Tar (a group of people or a person) with the same brush: believe wrongly that someone or something has the same negative qualities of another which is similar
You can’t tar all Scots with the same brush. He’s just a drunk!

(Have) got something down to a fine art: mastered to a high degree
Usain Bolt’s got running down to a fine art.

Poetic Justice: ironic or fitting punishment
It is poetic justice that the economic crisis is affecting the bankers who are blamed for causing it in the first place.

Poetry in motion: something that is very elegant or beautiful, especially in art or dancing
The young girl was like poetry in motion when she took to the floor.

Stage whisper: A whisper that is meant to be heard
 She told him in a stage whisper, "I am fed up with your behavior"

State of the art: The most developed in technology

Our new convertible is totally state of the art.